10 Best Weight Loss Herbs and Spices

Weight gain is a lifestyle problem, which has gripped a large chunk of the world population in the present time. The chief causes to which weight gain can be generally attributed include unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, heredity and some diseases. Weight gain plays havoc on health and invites a host of potentially serious diseases like hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Also, it has an adverse effect on the self esteem of a person. As a result, we see most of the obese people trying to lose weight by adopting measures like strenuous exercise and a balanced die. Also, there are certain common herbs and spices facilitate the process of weight loss.

Listed below are 10 weight loss herbs and spices:

1. Black pepper

Black pepper

One of the best weight loss spices is black pepper, which is full of a substance called piperine. Piperine plays a key role in preventing the formation of new fat cells and also helps in burning of calories.

2. Cardamom


Next in the list is the aromatic spice called cardamom, which is thermogenic in nature, meaning that it has fat burning ability. As a result, cardamom can speed up metabolism process and acts as a natural weight loss agent. LDL (bad) cholesterol, saturated fats and blood sugar levels can also be lowered with this spice. Cardamom also promotes digestion, which si beneficial for weight loss.

3. Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper

Another thermogenic spice effective for weight loss is cayenne pepper, which gives a hefty dose of a chemical called capsaicin. Capsaicin has a series of weight loss benefits, including melting of accumulated fat an reduction of hunger cravings.

4. Cinnamon


Cinnamon is another weight loss spice. The benefits of cinnamon include boosting of metabolism, regulation of blood sugar level and reduction of bad cholesterol levels.

5. Coriander


Coriander is an aromatic herb, which enhances the flavor of various food items, in addition to boosting metabolism and stimulating weight loss. It also increases urination and resultant toxin removal from the body as it is a diuretic herb.

6. Garlic


Next among the weight loss herbs and spices is garlic. Allicin, the potent compound in garlic, facilitates weight loss by suppressing appetite and giving a fuller feeling. It is also a natural metabolism booster.

7. Ginger


Research has linked ginger with weight loss. It is considered as an effective herb for speeding up fat burning and stimulating the metabolic rate. Other weight loss benefits of ginger include suppression of appetite and general detoxification.

8. Green tea

Green Tea

Green tea is referred to as a cup of good health. It has a long list of health benefits, weight loss being one of them. Catechins, the anti oxidants found in green tea are effective for boosting metabolic rate and therefore, result in weight loss.

9. Mustard


Another common kitchen herb helpful for weight loss is mustard. Being anti inflammatory and thermogenic in nature, mustard seeds boost metabolic rate and improve fat burning capacity of the body.

10. Turmeric


Turmeric is a spice which you will find in every kitchen. Curcumin, the key component of turmeric, prevents formation of fat tissue in the body. It also aids weight loss, lowers cholesterol and controls blood sugar.

All these herbs and spices can be effective as weight loss agents, but they cannot replace the benefits derived from eating a balanced diet and doing regular physical exercise. This means that they are not going to work if you consume high-fat diet and have a sedentary lifestyle. Also, young children, pregnant women and lactating mothers should consult a qualified medical practitioner before using these herbs and spices as weight loss therapy.

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