Top 10 Foods for Better Eyesight

Eyesight is something which is an essential thing for living a healthy and comfortable life. But it usually happens that we ignore this precious gift and it becomes weak due to several causes. Some major causes of weakening of eyesight are environmental pollutants, poor diet and lifestyle, excessive exposure to electronic gadgets and hereditary diseases and conditions. In many cases, it is possible to prevent weakening of eyesight with some modifications in diet and lifestyle, like exercising in routine and using less of television, mobiles and computers. Eating more of certain foods can promote your eye health and improve vision.

Listed below are the top 10 foods which help improve eyesight:

1. Spinach


We have always been told to increase our intake of leafy green vegetables as they have an array of health benefits. One of these benefits is improvement of eyesight. Spinach is considered as one of the best for improving eyesight. It contains a potent carotenoid called lutein, which has the ability to strengthen vision.

2. Broccoli


Another green vegetable which you must add to your diet in abundance is broccoli, as it is loaded with lutein and vitamin C, which go a long way in improving your vision. This is a delicious way to make your eyes healthier and vision stronger.

3. Whole Grains

Whole Grains

The benefits of whole grains to human body are literally countless. They are high in dietary fiber, which is useful for sound digestive health and preventing constipation. Also, whole grains are a rich source of iron and selenium, which promote better eyesight.

4. Nuts


As young children, all of us must have been told by elders to have lots of nuts to make our eyesight stronger. The reason is that some delicious nuts like almonds and cashew nuts are high in vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids, which are helpful for making your eyesight better.

5. Carrots


Another food item which has protective qualities for your eyesight is carrots. They contain beta carotene, a potent compound which is highly effective for improving eyesight and preventing vision loss. Eating lots of carrot is a delicious way to improve your overall health too.

6. Eggs


You can easily make your eyesight better by including eggs in your daily breakfast. The presence of compounds like zeaxanthin and lutein in eggs give them eye protective properties. These compounds are present in eggs, in a form which can be easily absorbed by the body and their benefits can be derived in an effective manner.

7. Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits

Vitamin C rich fruits such as oranges and lemons are effective eye strengthening foods. These citrus fruits also contain a hefty dose of eye protective nutrient called lutein. As a result, these fruits can improve eyesight and prevent damage to vision.

8. Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper

Next among the top 10 foods which improve eyesight is the vegetable called bell pepper, which contains a hefty dose of vitamin C, surprisingly giving as much as 240 % of daily recommended dose of this wonder nutrient from its single piece.

9. Grapes


Grapes as well as their dried form, black currant is another useful vision strengthening food. The reason is that these delicious fruits contain lots of anti oxidants called anthocyanins, which go a long way in improving your eyesight. They also have a rich supply of essential fatty acids, which have anti inflammatory action and prevent vision loss.

10. Seafood


Another food group which helps strengthen your eyesight is seafood. The omega 3 fatty acid present in seafood, is a potent compound for promoting better eyesight and improving general health and wellness

Besides improving these eye friendly foods, you can protect your eyesight by doing some exercises to make your eye muscles stronger. And the most important way is to make your eyes relaxed by getting good sleep and avoiding too much use of gadgets which cause strain to your eyes.

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