10 Benefits of Eating Low Cholesterol Diet

Cholesterol refers to a waxy substance, which is seated within the fat cells of the body. The presence of excessive cholesterol in the body is considered detrimental for health. It can result in fat deposits in the blood vessels, which results in clogging and hindered blood flow in the arteries. In the long run, it can lead to a life threatening condition called Coronary Artery Disease. But all the cholesterol is not bad; rather it is actually the LDL (low density lipoproteins) cholesterol, which is harmful for the heart. This bad cholesterol can lead to build up of plaque in the arteries, putting you at a higher risk of heart disease. Therefore, you need to concentrate on a diet, which is low in LDL.

Low Cholesterol Diet

Since plant diet contains zero cholesterol, vegetarian diet is best for keeping LDL from getting deposited within your body. Hence, you need to avoid animal based foods like meats, eggs and dairy products to lower the LDL cholesterol in your body. Other foods to be avoided include saturated fats and trans-fats, which are abundant in fatty, fried and processed foods. Once you make a conscious effort to switch to a low cholesterol diet, you will surely realize how much favor you are doing to your health.

Here are the benefits of eating low cholesterol foods:

1. Makes your Heart Healthier

The foremost benefit of eating low cholesterol diet is that it makes your heart healthier. While excessive LDL cholesterol in the blood can lead to a serious condition called atherosclerosis (involving blockage of arteries), a diet low in cholesterol provides safeguard against the same. In other words, consumption of low cholesterol foods is the key to a healthier heart.

2. Prevents Obesity

Another major benefit of eating low cholesterol diet is that it prevents unprecedented weight gain, which is the pivotal cause of obesity. Low cholesterol diet means that fat will not be deposited in your body and you will not become overweight.

3. Lowered Risk of Stroke

A diet low in cholesterol provides the additional benefit of lowered risk of stroke. The deposition of LDL in the arteries leading can result in formation of a clot within them, which is a major risk factor for occurrence of a stroke. But consumption of low cholesterol foods can alleviate this risk to a considerable extent.

4. Beneficial for Diabetics

Research has established that there is a direct link between diabetes and high cholesterol levels, as blood sugar gets attached with LDL molecules and stays longer in the bloodstream. Therefore, low cholesterol diet is essential for good health of diabetic people.

5. Beneficial for Hypertension Patients

Studies have shown that there is a link between high cholesterol level and high blood pressure. Therefore, having a diet low in cholesterol can be a good way to reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure or hypertension.

6. Keeps you Active and Fit

Another health benefit of eating low cholesterol diet is that such foods are very light and easy to digest, which keep you active and on the go. Such foods are low heavy fats and keep your energy levels up. Eating low cholesterol food is thus a step towards the goal of physical fitness.

7. Good for your Liver Health

A high cholesterol diet can lead to a deadly disease called fatty liver disease, which is the result of accumulation of excess cholesterol in your liver. Protection of liver health is one of the benefits of eating low cholesterol diet.

8. Lesser Requirement of Medication

Since foods low in cholesterol help to lower cholesterol in a natural way, you will not have to depend on medicines for lowering high cholesterol and preventing heart blockage. As a result, you can save your money on expensive medication, and at the same time, prevent the side effects caused by prolonged use of these medicines.

9. Prevents Accumulation of Belly Fat

Consuming a diet low in cholesterol means that you have less of empty calories and useless fats. The result is that less of fat will be seen accumulated around your belly.

10. Boosts Overall Health

Besides providing specific health benefits related to individual organs of the body, the fact remains that a diet low in cholesterol is great for overall physical health and mental well being. It helps improve the overall quality of your life and boosts longevity and good health.

Therefore, switching over to healthy, low cholesterol diet is one great gift we can give to ourselves.

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