10 Foods Causing Accumulation of Belly Fat

Belly fat is something very bad, both for your physical experience as well as your self esteem. It refers to the layers of unsightly fat deposited around your abdominal area, which is more visible in both the sexes after reaching middle age. It is not necessary that only obese people are going to have it, even skinny ones may have potbellies. Belly fat is the type called visceral or deep seated fat, which is unfortunately a potential health risk. It is directly linked with health problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stoke and some cancers and puts you in the high risk category of these ailments. Moreover, it is as difficult to get rid of, as it is fat is easy to put on.

Accumulation of Belly Fat

Hence, one must know what actually causes it so that you keep it away, instead of having to make efforts to lose it later on. Several factors may be responsible for accumulation of belly fat, such as age, sedentary lifestyle, genetic factors and stress. But the main cause of this troublesome condition is wrong diet. Therefore, by being cautious about what you eat, you can easily avoid belly fat from being visible on your frame.

Listed below are 10 foods which cause accumulation of belly fat:

1. Refined Sugar

The major culprit for appearance of belly fat is food items loaded with refined sugar. Such foods furnish lots of empty calories to the body, which end up as layers of fat, chiefly around your belly. They are full of simple carbohydrates, making them unhealthy and zero nutrition foods. Table sugar, canned juices, energy drinks and candies are the foods high in refines sugar.

2. Carbonated Drinks

Seldom do we realize while drinking a soda or cold drink, that we are doing no favor to our belly, than just making it rounder by inches. These drinks have no nutrition, just calories. Instead, have natural drinks like water, coconut water and unsweetened fruit juice.

3. Trans Fats

The next food group which causes accumulation of belly fats is fried food, which is rich in trans fat as well as calories. Foods such as potato chips, fast foods, burgers, canned foods, pizzas and packaged sauces are essentially rich in trans fats and really bad for your belly. Moreover, they are low on health quotient too, as they lack in minerals, vitamins and fiber.

4. Dairy Products

You may be under a misconception that dairy products are good for you as they are a rich source of calcium. But full cream dairy products can cause more harm than good, particularly to the area around your belly, as these are high in saturated fat as well as calories. Therefore, it is best to curtail the use of full fat milk, yogurt, cream, butter, cheese and frozen dairy foods and switch over to skim dairy products. Avoid butter and cheese altogether.

5. Alcohol

Another major culprit for causing deposition of belly fat is alcohol, in all forms like beer, wine and hard liquor. Alcohol is full of calories, which become visible around your belly in the long run. Moreover, it also slows down fat burning process in the body.

6. High Sodium Foods

High sodium foods may seem harmless, but they cause water retention, which results in bloating. Potato chips are an example of food high in both sodium and trans fats, which play havoc on your healh and cause fat deposits around your belly.

7. White carbohydrates

Next on the list of foods causing accumulation of belly fat are White carbohydrates, which are abundant in foods like white bread, rice, flour and pasta. These should be substituted with brown variants, which are loaded with fiber and much easier to digest.

8. Cereals

All of us know that regular corn cereals like corn flakes are good for weight watchers. But the fact is that corn is rather high in both, sugar and calories. As a result, having too much of such cereals can lead to belly fat. Conversely, a small serving had with low fat milk and no sugar can be beneficial.

9. Creamy Foods

Creamy foods such as rich salad dressings, gravies and ice cream can be tempting, but chances are high that soon you may seem them around your belly.

10. Pastries and Desserts

These tempting sweet nothings do favor to your sweet tooth but can really be bad for your belly, as they have bad things like sugar, cream and white flour, all the enemy foods for your belly. Replace them with healthy sweet treats like fresh fruit salads or low fat yogurts.

You can simply make some changes in your diet, by excluding the above mentioned foods and having more of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, drinking plenty of water is helpful for getting rid of stubborn belly fat. Exercise goes a long way in helping you live healthy and look good.

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