Top 10 Best Ways to Prevent Eye Problems

The best gift nature has given to us is our eyesight, which helps us manifest all the beautiful things around us. However, we tend to ignore this gift of nature and expose our eyes to various types of gadgets, environmental pollutants and other harmful factors, leading to several kinds of eye problems and diseases. The basic causes of abnormality and diseases of eyes are an unhealthy diet, poor lifestyle, heredity, professional hazards and lack of cleanliness. Loss of eyesight (both near sightedness and far sightedness), age related glaucoma, infections, conjunctivitis and allergies can be some eye problems which may surface if you do not take care of your eyes. With some simple steps, we can protect our eyes and prevent all kinds of problems.

Prevent Eye Problems

Listed below are 10 ways to prevent eye problems:

1. Balanced Diet

The first and most important way to keep your eyes healthy is to eat a balanced diet, which has all kinds of nutrients, including carrots, almonds, leafy green vegetables, eggs, milk and fresh fruits. On the other hand, one should avoid fried and fatty food, which also bad for general health and well being.

2. Healthy Lifestyle

Another important factor to prevent eye problems is to lead a healthy lifestyle. This means that you should make sure that your eyes get adequate rest and proper sleep. Try to minimize the time spent on computers, mobiles, television and eye straining gadgets. Children, in particular, should be restrained from putting too much strain on their eyes.

3. Regular Check-ups

It is essential to undergo regular eye check-ups, at least twice a year, so that you are able to catch the problem early and prevent it from getting worse. This is even more important if you have some chronic health issue such as diabetes, as it elevates your risk of eye diseases.

4. Take Care of Genetic Factors

Another way to prevent eye problems is to keep an eye on the genetic factors and family history. High risk of eye diseases or weakened eyesight runs in some families, which makes its members prone to getting afflicted by such problems. Therefore, extra precautions against such problems might help you prevent them in your case. Early detection and treatment can prevent much damage if you catch it in time.

5. Quit Smoking

You can do a great favor to yourself as well as your family by quitting smoking, because both active and passive smokers are susceptible to eye diseases such as cataract, macular degeneration, infections and even blindness. It will not only prevent eye problems, but also protect you from numerous other conditions, like heart disease and lung cancer.

6. Wear Sunglasses when you Go Out

Wearing sunglasses when you go out during the day is another way to prevent eye problems as ultraviolet rays of sun can cause damage to your eyes. You can also fall prey to some heat allergies during the summers. By wearing your sunglasses, you can protect eyes from damage caused by heat, dust and pollutants.

7. Personal Hygiene

Another very important ways to keep your eyes in a healthy condition is to maintain personal hygiene. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water, do not touch eyes with dirty hands and do not share glasses and face towels. Be very careful about use of contact lenses.

8. Maintain an Ideal Weight

Obese people become prone to several types of diseases, particularly diabetes. Diabetic are prone to eye diseases. Therefore, your weight has a bearing on the health of your eyes. So you should make an effort to maintain an ideal weight and stay fit.

9. Exercises for the Eyes

There are certain types of exercises which can keep your eyes healthy. You can learn about these from your eye care practitioner and perform them regularly to prevent eye problems. Morning walk in fresh air is a useful tip to keep your eyes in a perfect condition.

10. Guard against Professional Hazards

There are some kinds of professions, which pose hazards to your eyes and can cause damage to them. However, use of safety equipment like protective glasses can go a long way to protect your eyes from these hazards.

Realizing how precious your eyes are for you is the first step towards taking good care of your eyes. Moreover, all these simple tips can be really helpful for prevention of eye problems.

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