Explaining Brachioplasty

Everyone ages and as we do, we often notice sagging skin on our arms. The good news is that in Canada there is a procedure that will remove excess skin fat and give your arms back their youthful appearance and contour. The procedure is known as brachioplasty. The excess fat and skin is removed on the area from the shoulder to the elbow of the underside of the arm that often sags as we age.

Most common reasons for Brachioplasty

Most individuals that have lost quite a bit of weight notice sagging skin on their arms. The excess skin can be embarrassing when you wear a short sleeve or no sleeve shirt. Many women after losing weight are fond of their bodies and would love to wear a bathing suit and go to the pool; however, the sagging skin on the arms or even other areas of the body still have them hiding away. Even with exercise the sagging skin will not change. Whether due to losing weight or aging, this sagging skin can stop you from enjoying your life if it causes embarrassment. Brachioplasty is the answer.

Brachioplasty procedure

The procedure will take about 1 to 3 hours according to the amount of skin and fat that will need to be removed. You will be given an anesthetic according to the recommendations of your surgeon. The surgeon will make an incision either on the back of the upper arm or on the inside of the upper arm. The size of the incision will be dependent on the amount of skin that needs to be removed. Once the incision is finished, the excess skin will be removed. The fat deposits found in the arm will be removed via liposuction or may be removed by cutting them out, according to the options you have chosen with your surgeon. The skin will then be tightened and closed.

Recovery after Brachioplasty

After surgery you will go to the recovery room for a short amount of time. Some patients will have drains that will allow the fat deposits to drain while others will only have bandages over the area which can be removed in a few short days.

During the first 48 hours after the surgery, you may notice bruising, swelling, and bit of soreness which will be gone in around two weeks. All stitches will be removed after one week of the brachioplasty and you should stay at home for about two weeks after the procedure to give your body time to heal. Your surgeon will give you instructions such as avoiding strenuous uses of the hands or arms and will prescribe pain medication for any discomfort.

If you are wondering if you are a good candidate for brachioplasty, you should visit sandramcgill.ca website and schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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