Top 10 Interesting Facts about Hamburgers

Hamburgers, though sound like a city in Germany, is the staple diet of Americans, which ahs today become a global favorite. The meal gets its name from special Hamburg steaks, which were a treat given by German immigrants to the people of the US. What makes hamburgers really popular is the fact that it is a full meal, which tastes great and is handy to carry around and eat too.

Here are 10 amazing facts about this fun food called hamburgers:


#1. Hamburger is one of the most loved foods in the US today, with as many as 50 million of them consumed every year. The delicious meal became popular in 1904, when it was introduced at St Louis World’s Fair. The invention of the Hamburger, however dates back to 1900 and it happened in New Haven in Connecticut.

#2. If the total number of hamburgers consumed by the US population were arranged in a single line, the line would circle the globe 32 times.

#3. The biggest hamburger ever was made in 1982 and it weighed a whopping 3591 pounds. Interestingly, it took as many as 10000 people to finish off this massive hamburger.

#4. The first fast food restaurant selling hamburgers was opened in 1921. The price of a hamburger was fixed at 5 cents only. Today, McDonald’s, which is among the biggest global fast food chain selling hamburgers, has set a record of making a sale of 300 billion burgers till now. This makes an incredible figure of 75 hamburgers per second.

#5. Fleurburger5000 is the most expensive burger in the world. The high price of $ 5000 is attributed to costly ingredients like foie gras, black truffles and Kobe beef. The burger was sold at Fleur de Lys in Las Vegas.

#6. The world record of eating the Big Daddy Cheeseburger in the shortest period of time is held by Sonya Thomas. She ate the mammoth 9 pound burger in only 27 minutes.

#7. Louis Lassen from New Haven in Connecticut gets the credit of invention of burger, when he made a ground beef sandwich for a worker and called it by the name of a burger. Lassen was the owner off a café called the Louis Lunch Café. The café sells burgers till dates but makes use of only three condiments, which are cheese spread, onions and tomatoes.

#8. The other name of Hamburger is Liberty Sandwich. This name was given by American soldiers during the First World War as they did not want to make use of the German name.

#9. 71%of beef used commercially in the US accounts for being used in the making of hamburgers. You would also be surprised to know that the beef used in it comes from the less unappetizing parts of the cows.

#10. The popularity of hamburgers can be judged from the fact that Seymour in Wisconsin has a place called “Hamburger Hall of Fame”.

Today, as hamburgers rule the hearts of food lovers around the world, all these amazing facts would come up as a big surprise!

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