10 Basic First Aid Information For knowledge

When a loved one falls prey to an unfortunate incident, the knowledge of first aid can play a life saving role for him or her. Therefore, it is essential for everyone to know the basics of first aid, which can enable you to help someone before medical aid arrives. Actually, it can be life saving in many cases.

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Here is some basic first aid information for knowledge:

1. First aid defines ABC as airway, breathing and CPR. The first step of first aid to judge the situation, regarding the danger it may pose to your or anyone else, as in the instance of a fire. Ensure that you should not endanger your life to help the other person.

2. Check whether the person is in conscious state or not. After this, check if he is breathing properly and his airway is clear. Assess the entire situation to see how you can help him, also, don’t forget to call the emergency service so that the ambulance is on its way while you give first aid to the patient.

3. In case the person is not breathing, you need to check the airway for any kind of blockage. Lift the person’s head and tilt it back slightly, checking for breathing. If the mouth is not clear, move the person on his side, force open his mouth and clear it. Again, tilt the head and check for breathing.

4. If a person is unconscious and not breathing, you will have to perform CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Make the person lie down on his back, place your hands on the center of his chest, one over the other. Press smoothly yet firmly 30 times, giving two breaths in between. For this, you will have to tilt his head back, open his mouth, pinch his nostrils and blow air into his mouth with your mouth. Repeat the compression and two breaths with five repeats in two minutes, till the ambulance arrives.

5. In case you suspect that the person is suffering from drug overdose, try to get medical help at once as certain drugs combined with alcohol can be lethal. While the ambulance arrives, try to keep the person awake as sleeping off can be a risk for life.

6. Always have a first aid kit handy at your home or work place as you may need it any time. Check it regularly so that it is well stocked and readily available. Essentially, it should have some bandages, antiseptic cream or lotion, some general medication, burn ointment, pain relief sprays, etc.

7. For helping a person suffering from a wound, use clean hands or wear gloves to clean the wound and cover it with sterile dressing, with the purpose of stopping the bleeding. You can also avoid infection by covering it, till medical aid arrives.

8. If you suspect an injury to the bone of the wrist or forearm, arrange an arm sling for the patient with a triangular bandage on the injured arm to give it support.

9. Do not panic in the situation and neither let people crowd around the injured person as overcrowding may suffocate him.

10. It is better if you take up a first aid course as little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

In the end, make an effort to stabilize the patient and also console him until medical assistance comes to rescue. for more information please contact us at green cross first aid training, one of the best first aid coursed provider in Edinburgh.

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