10 Things to Know About Cereals

When we talk of staple American breakfast, nothing beats the classic old cereals in taste and health. Just throw in some good old cereal in a bowl of milk, stir in some sugar and fruit and you are ready to have a day full of energy ahead. Cereals are also considered as an ideal breakfast option for weight watchers. They are inexpensive and easy to prepare, besides being light and easy to digest. All these reasons account for the popularity of cereals on the breakfast tables across the globe.

Here are 10 fun filled facts about cereal, which many of us may not be aware about:

#1. The origin of cereals goes back to the colonial era, when housewives started serving pop corn in breakfast. They combined it with cream and sugar to make a yummy and energetic treat for every morning.

#2. The word cereal is derived from Cerealia, a Greek word. Cerealia is a festival celebrated in the honor of the goddess of grain and agriculture, known as Ceres.

#3. Nearly 49% of the American population consumes a bowl of cereal as their breakfast. The average American diet includes as many as 160 bowls of cereal per year. After milk and carbonated drinks, breakfast cereal is comes next in popularity among items sold in groceries.

#4. The invention of the first ready to eat breakfast cereal dates back to 1863, when it was created by James C Jackson. The cereal was manufactured by baking a dough made of whole grain flour till it turned dry, then breaking them into chunks and baking them all over again. Amazingly, the flakes had to be soaked overnight before using them in the morning breakfast.

#5. Cereal breakfast was carried along on the mission of Apollo 11. However, astronauts could not have the cereal in the regular form, mixed with milk, due to the action of gravity. Instead, it was mixed with fruits and converted into pressed cubes for easy consumption.

#6. Cereals make an excellent source of grains like corn, wheat, rice, barley and millet. They are ideal as a breakfast choice because the USDA recommends as many as 6-11 servings of grain daily, which can be supplemented by having a bowl of cereals for breakfast.

#7. Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes used Katy the Kangaroo as its mascot before it switched over to Tony the Tiger, as it surpassed the former in terms of popularity in the 1950’s. Tony the Tiger also competed with Newt the Gnu and Elmo the Elephant to reserve its place on the cereal’s box.

#8. As many as 53 boxes of cereal can be produced from a single bushel of wheat. Surprisingly, the number of cereal packages sold annually reaches a phenomenal figure of 2.7 billion. The boxes will be sufficient to wrap around the globe for 13 times.

#9. The first cereal to make an offer of a box prize was Corn Flakes, and they did so in 1909. A book called “The Funny Jungleband Moving Pictures Book” was offered with two packages.

#10. It is not necessary that cereals are always healthy. Honey smacks contain 50% sugar by weight and a single serving equals the sugar in a glazed Dunkin’ doughnut.

Aren’t these cereal facts absolutely amazing!

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