10 Top Benefits of Breastfeeding For Your Baby

Breast milk is the best thing that a mother can give to her baby because it has just the right mix of protein, fats and minerals, perfect for the young one’s health and a strong foundation for the future. This is the reason why doctors recommend a baby to be breastfed exclusively for the first six months and let it continue for as long as possible, so that the child gets maximum benefits from it.

Here is the list of top 10 benefits of breastfeeding for your baby:

breastfeeding for your baby

10. Emotional Bonding

Breast feeding results in direct contact between the mother and the baby, which leads to release of a special kind of hormone called oxytocin, which is also called the bonding hormone. Due to this hormone, the feeling of bonding is created and the milk makes its way down into the mother’s breasts.

9. Inexpensive

One of the best benefits of breast feeding for your baby is that it gives him healthy feed without your having to spend a great deal of money, which would be required in case you spend on formula milk. Moreover, it reduces ailments and you save on doctors’ fees too.

8. Convenient

Breast milk is an anytime feed, which can be given conveniently at day or night, at home or outside. You need not get out of the cozy covers during the winter nights and can feed the baby in the bed itself. Moreover, sucking aids the baby to be relaxed and he goes to sleep easily. Breast milk is also hygienic because there is no need to sterilize the bottles as in case of bottle feeding.

7. Weight maintenance of mother and baby

A breast fed baby is likely to be healthy and not overweight because breast milk has just the right proportion of fats and other nutrients. He is less likely to be overweight as compared to bottle fed baby. Similarly, a woman can easily shed her extra flab gained during pregnancy, by breast feeding her baby for some months.

6. Lesser stink in diapers

Another benefit of breastfeeding the baby is that this is easier to digest and puts less pressure on the digestive system of the baby. As a result, the diapers will be less stinky for breastfed babies. There are also lesser chances of constipated stool. On the other hand, formula milk is harder to digest, making poop stinky and hard.

5. Dental Health

Breast fed babies are less likely to develop misalignment of teeth, which is usually manifested in bottle fed children who continuously chew and suck on silicon nipples. Therefore, if you want your baby to have good looking teeth, breastfeeding is a good way to do that.

4. Better IQ

A breastfed baby has a stronger IQ as has been shown by various studies conducted on such babies. Breast milk has the ability to boost brain power and such babies grow up to be intelligent individuals.

3. Saves from allergies

By breastfeeding your baby, you can protect him from the risk of developing allergies and asthma. They have a stronger immunity, with lesser incidence of infections and diarrhea too, meaning fewer trips to the infirmary.

2. Lower risk of chronic diseases

Next among the top 10 benefits of breastfeeding for your baby is that you can protect them from various chronic ailments by feeding them on breast milk. These include lower risk of certain types of cancers, obesity and diabetes.

1. Balanced nutrition

The best thing about breast milk is that it is the best way to give balanced nourishment to the baby, without fearing that it may cause any harm to his delicate digestive system. Besides being enriched with vitamins and proteins, breast milk also has antioxidants which make it effective to fight disease.

All these benefits point out to the fact that every mother should make an effort to breast feed her baby for at least one year.



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