Top 10 Benefits of Breastfeeding For a Mother

Breastfeeding is the biggest favor that any mother can do to her baby because it lays a strong foundation for excellent health and development of the baby, whether it is at the physical, mental or emotional level. The benefits of breastfeeding are not for the baby only but for the mother too, as it can do a lot of good things for mommy.

Here is a list of top 10 advantages of breastfeeding for a mother:

Benefits of Breastfeeding For a Mother

10. Hyegeinic and convenient

Breast milk is both, hygienic for the baby and convenient for the mother, which minimizes her trips to the doctor as well as the kitchen. Mommy does not have to sterilize bottles or wake up in the middle of night to prepare formula milk for the baby and this is available handy and just at the right temperature to feed the baby any time of the day or night.

9. Emotional Bonding

Next amongst the top 10 benefits of breast feeding for a mother is the fact that it establishes a deep emotional bond between the mother and the baby. As a women breast feeds her baby, there is a release of a hormone called oxytocin, which acts as a bonding hormone.

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8. Economical

Another factor which makes breast feeding a desirable thing amongst women is that it is very economical s compared to formula milk. Since the milk is readily and naturally produced at home, a woman will be saved from a lot of unwanted expenditure, for some time at least.

7. Returning uterus to normal state

As a woman breastfeeds her baby, her uterus gradually returns to its normal pre pregnant state. The reason is that it creates contractions in the uterus and tightens it up once again. Breastfeeding also ensures that the women recover from the pregnancy in the physiological sense. It also reduces the risk of postpartum hemorrhage.

6. Bone strength

Research has shown that women who breastfeed their babies are at a lesser risk of developing postmenopausal osteoporosis. A lactating mother’s body easily absorbs calcium, which in turn makes bones denser and less susceptible to bone loss problems.

5. Delays second pregnancy

When a woman breastfeeds her baby, it causes a delay in the onset of her normal menstrual cycle after pregnancy. As a result she has minimal chances of getting pregnant in this period and it acts as a natural contraceptive.

4. Increases self esteem

A breastfeeding woman has a boost in her self esteem as she feels powerful by producing breast milk and feeding the child on it, because this is something as good as divine. Therefore, it promotes positivity and helps a woman cope with the stress related to her new role as a mother,

3. Healthy calorie burning

Breast feeding is a natural way of burning calories as it can get the mother rid of as many as 500 calories per day, without doing much and only sitting. So if you want to be as shapely as before, you need to breast feed your baby during the first year.

2. Weight Loss benefit

Featuring next on the top 10 best benefits of breastfeeding for mothers is getting back to their normal shape as breastfeeding moms are more likely to shed all those pounds in a natural and easy manner.

1. Lower risk of breast and ovarian cancers

Breast feeding is life saving for moms as it provides protection against cancers of breast and ovaries. In this way, women who breastfeed have chances to live a longer and healthier life in comparison to those who not.

In this way, breastfeeding can do a lot for the baby as well as the mother.


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