Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Bananas

It would not be wrong to call bananas a super fruit because they are not only delicious in taste but also highly nutritious and excellent for health. This is the reason why the fruit is loved by the young and old alike and makes a staple in almost every home.

Here is a list of top 10 wonderful health benefits of eating bananas:

Health Benefits of Eating Bananas

10. Benefit to the brain

Besides being great for the body, banana is also an excellent food for the brain. It is an amazing source of potassium, a mineral which does a great favor to your memory and boosts your brain power. So the next time you go for an exam, have a banana to keep your memory up.

9. Fights Pregnancy Woes

The next benefit amongst the top 10 health benefits of eating bananas is related to pregnancy woes such as morning sickness, as a woman can have a banana first thing after getting up and alleviate the symptoms related to it. It also helps maintain the sugar levels in her body as well as keep here energy levels up.

8. Suppresses Appetite

Banana can prove to be a great aid for weight loss because of its innate ability to suppress appetite. Studies have shown that even smelling on bananas can be effective for this purpose as it has the ability to trick the brain into believing that the fruit has actually been eaten.

7. Lifts moods

Another benefit of consuming bananas on a regular basis is that it is high in magnesium levels, a mineral associated with lifting the moods and alleviating depression. It is actually a feel good fruit, which reduces mood swings and irritability.

6. Benefits to the skin

The fruit is also good for providing relief from burning and itching sensation on the skin. A paste can be applied on the skin or its peel can be rubbed on teh affected area for the best results.

5. Natural Power Boosters

Another amazing health benefit of bananas is that they make excellent power boosters and an ideal fruit for athletes who look for continuous energy supplies. They are high in healthy carbohydrates, which help to activate muscles and are also rich in anti oxidant content, making them effective for muscular recovery.

4. Lowers Blood Pressure

This delicious fruit is high in potassium and low in sodium, which makes it good for lowering the level of blood pressure. As a result, the risk of stroke is also minimized with regular consumption of bananas.

3. Soothes digestive system

Featuring next in the list of top 10 health benefits of eating bananas is that it is extremely good for digestive health, mild and easy to digest. This is the reason why this is one of the first fruits introduced to a young baby. It is as good for diarrhea as it is for constipation. It also helps prevent heartburn and acid reflux.

2. Protective Fruit

Banana is a protective fruit, helping to fight a number of diseases due to its anti oxidant properties. These anti oxidants prevent inflammation as well as damage by free radicals. It also strengthens bones, muscles and teeth as well as keeps blood vessels healthy. Bananas boost immunity and help the body fight infections.

1. Excellent nutritional profile

Bananas make a complete diet as they have an excellent nutritional profile, high in potassium and calcium, fiber and carbohydrates. A medium sized banana yields 110 calories, providing immediate energy release on eating it. Being high in fiber makes it a filling food and keeps the person satiated for a longer period of time. It also makes an excellent pre workout snaking option.

With its wide array of health benefits, banana becomes a great way to get good health and improve your immunity.


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