Top 10 Easy Health Secrets to Never Getting Sick

There is a perfect truth in the saying that health is wealth and this is the reason why every person looks for ways to maintain good health. But very few of us are lucky enough, as ailments and diseases tend to plague many of us. There are some great & best ways to staying fit and healthy, which makes some people different from others.

Here are top 10 secrets to never getting sick:

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10. Be regular with washing your hands

Regularity in washing your hands is not only a thumb of rule for school going children but for adults too. Since hands have to be used for eating and drinking, dirty hands means that you are inviting germs to enter your body through your mouth. Therefore, you need to pay heed to the advice of keeping your hands clean and germ free with regular washing, particularly before and after meals.

9. Sanitized surroundings

It is equally important to keep your surroundings sanitized, with kitchen, toilet, garden, car and wardrobe being the basic things to look after. Use cleaners which have anti bacterial properties so that germs are not allowed to multiply around you.

8. Avoid touching your face again and again

Exercise good manners such as using a handkerchief to cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing. Keep your hands away from your face and mouth as it can transmit germs and bacteria in your body.

7. Never share things of personal use

Another secret of never getting sick is to avoid sharing items of personal use such as towel, comb, toothbrush, razor, etc. Sharing these items makes a key cause of spread of communicable and infectious conditions.

6. Limit alcohol and tobacco

You can have your fair share of booze and smoke but the intake has to be limited to the extent that it does not have an adverse impact on your health. Liquor and tobacco are full of harmful bacteria and they tend to weaken your immune system, inviting disease if you have them in excess.

5. Take proper rest

A sedentary lifestyle is good health’s worst enemy, but it is equally important to take plenty of good rest and sleep. Rest is actually a tonic which helps your body to overcome the wear and tear it has faced during the day. It is equally essential for the mental health as it is for the physical fitness.

4. Exercise

Just like proper rest is a secret to good health, so is exercise. Moderate exercise at least four days a week is recommended to stay fit and fine, as it keeps the heart working well, muscles and bones strong and improved blood circulation in the body. It also provides a boost to the immune system.

3. Stay hydrated

Water is the ultimate power drink created in nature and it plays a vital role in keeping you healthy and disease free. Proper hydration encourages proper functioning of all body parts, keeps energy levels up as well as toxin levels down by proper detoxification of the body.

2. Stay stress free

One of the biggest secrets of never getting sick is to stay away from stress because stress is a silent killer, which brings a host of problems and is the root cause of all physical and mental disease.

1. Focus on good diet

The most important part of your fitness regime is to focus on eating fresh, natural and healthy diet, with plenty of cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed food, high sugar and salt as well as oil laden dishes.

Get to incorporate these health secrets in your life and live a longer and healthier one.

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