Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Tomatoes

Tomatoes make the favorite salad veggie across the globe and it finds a popular place in almost all the cuisines around the world. Besides being versatile in use and delicious in taste, this colorful vegetable has a host of health benefits too. It has an excellent nutritional profile, enriched with the goodness of a number of minerals and vitamins such as magnesium, potassium, copper, magnesium, folate, niacin and Vitamin A, B6, C and K are all well represented in the unassuming tomato. The water content of tomatoes is also high, which makes them good for health. At the same time, they are low in calories, sodium, saturated fat and cholesterol. This earns them a good reputation as a salad vegetable and can also be used in other types of cooked dishes as well as sauces to add taste and health value to them. This is the reason why tomatoes make an essential part of the daily diet of health conscious people across the globe.

Here is a list of top 10 health benefits of eating tomatoes:

benefits of eating tomatoes

10. Promotes sleep

If you want to ditch the sleeping pill, then a glass of tomato juice taken at bedtime would be of good help. Studies have shown that tomatoes have the ability to promote sound sleep, making them a great food for those suffering from insomnia.

9. Lower risk of certain types of cancers

Tomatoes contain the goodness of a potent ingredient called lycopene, which is effective for lowering the risk of various types of cancers, including those of prostrate, ovaries, throat, mouth, lungs, esophagus, ovaries, colon, cervix and stomach. The effect is enhanced in the Mediterranean diet, in which tomatoes are combined with olive oil.

8. Protects from damage caused by smoking

Next amongst the top 10 health benefits of eating tomatoes is that it provides protection from the damage caused by carcinogens created by cigarette smoke.

7. Good for bones

Tomatoes are good for bones too, because they contain calcium as well as vitamin K, both of which provide strength to the bones. Lycopene too plays a key role in adding to the bone mass and making them strnger and healthier. This is the reason why women who cross the age of 40 are recommended to include tomatoes in their daily diet so that they can bring down the risk of osteoporosis or bone loss.

6. Good for hair, teeth and nails

Since tomatoes are high in vitamin A, they are good for hair too and promote growth and luster of hair. In addition to making your hair longer and more beautiful, vitamin A des favor to the health of teeth and nails too.

5. Skin friendly

Tomatoes are not only good for comprehensive health and well being but also a great aid for getting healthy and glowing skin. Regular consumption of tomatoes replenishes the body with lycopene, which has an antioxidant action and gives a wide array of benefits to the skin, such as prevention of sun damage and premature ageing symptoms such as fine lines and wrinkles.

4. Prevention of damage caused by free radicals

Since tomatoes contain a hefty dose of powerful antioxidants, they are able to prevent the damage caused to the body by free radicals. This is going to keep you in great health and prevent premature ageing and a number of related health conditions.

3. Good for diabetics

Regular consumption of tomatoes is beneficial for diabetics because the chromium present in it is effective for lowering the level of blood sugar. Also, they are high in fiber and low in carbohydrates, which makes them good for diabetic patients.

2. Improves eye health

Featuring next on the list top 10 health benefits of eating tomatoes is that it is good for eyes. Tomatoes are high in vitamin A and vitamin C, which offer protection from macular degeneration and night blindness respectively. Also, the antioxidants in tomatoes protect the eyes from light induced damage.

1. Lowers the risk of heart disease

Tomatoes also make a heart friendly food because they have the ability to lower the blood pressure level as well as cholesterol level, in addition to reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke. It is so because of the presence of potassium and Vitamin A, B and C in the vegetable.

All these health benefits give you plenty of good reasons to add a few slices of tomatoes to your salads and sandwiches everyday as well as have some delicious tomato soups and curries cooked at your home daily.

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