Top 10 Best Super-foods that Help Digestion

Digestion is one of the most crucial life processes, which involves ingestion of food, its breakdown inside the body into materials that can be utilized for growth and energy and finally, the excretion of waste material from the body. Digestion is a complex process, which involves the working of digestive enzymes and acids on the food particles so that its nutrients are utilized and absorbed in the right manner. Another thing that determines whether the process is being carried out in the proper manner or not is the kind of food you are eating, because healthy foods are easier to digest and supply nutrients to the body; on the other hand, processed and unhealthy food items can lead to a series of health issues. You can do your body a great favor by eating a healthy and nutritious diet, which comprises of easily digestible food items.

Here are the top 10 super foods that help for better digestion:

foods that Help for Digestion

10. Bone Broth

Bone broth is an amazing health food which brings a number of healing benefits to the gut besides being easy to digest. People suffering from leaky gut come across digestive issues such as low immunity, food allergies and inflammation. Bone broth is high in gelatin, which supports the function of digestive enzymes in people suffering from such a problem.

9. Flaxseeds

Another food item which is considered digestion friendly is flaxseeds, which are loaded with the goodness of soluble fiber, omega 3 fats and lignans. These nutrients are lubricating as well as anti inflammatory in nature, which makes flaxseeds good for treating problems related to irritable bowel and leaky gut.

8. Aloe Vera

Next amongst the best super foods that help digestion is the magical herb called aloe vera, which has anti inflammatory, anti fungal and anti bacterial properties, which makes it good for digestive health. Consumption of aloe vera juice or aloe vera gel provides relief from digestive ailments such as constipation, acidity, heartburn, ulcers, colitis and indigestion.

7. Apples

Apples have rightly earned the reputation of keeping the doctor away because they provide excellent health benefits, including being good for digestion. They contain a hefty dose of fiber, both soluble as well as insoluble, which makes them ideal to be taken for preventing constipation.

6. Ginger

Next amongst the super foods to help digestion is the healing herb, which has been revered for its digestive benefits for centuries now as it has been a part of the ancient Indian and Chinese systems of medicine. Studies have shown that this herb enhances the movement of food from stomach to small intestine and also prevents problems such as nausea and stomach pain.

5. Peppermint

The aromatic and soothing herb, peppermint is also known to carry a number of digestive benefits, which makes it useful s a natural treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome and indigestion. It can be used in the form of tea or supplements and even oil, which particularly helps in relaxing the bowel movement in people suffering from IBS.

4. Yogurt

Yogurt is high on gut friendly bacteria as it contains probiotics, which aid digestion in many ways. They lower the risk of diarrhea and ease the symptoms of digestive ailments such as Crohn’s Disease and Irritable Bower Syndrome. Those who consume a cup of low fat yogurt daily can counter almost all kinds of digestive issues and stay fit and healthy.

3. Beans

Beans make a great food for aiding digestive health because they are high in fiber and low in fat. The average daily requirement of fiber is 25 g, while a cupful of beans furnishes as much as 19 g. this is what makes beans a great health supplement for those who are looking to increase their daily fiber intake.

2. Water

Featuring next on the list of top 10 best superfoods for digestion is the ultimate power drink of nature, water. Staying hydrated is the key to sound digestion because it is water which provides bulking effect to the fiber in food items and makes their absorption as well as the passage of waster easier for the body. Other fluids are also useful though one should avoid caffeinated drinks.

1. Oats

Oats are high in dietary fiber, which implies that regular consumption prevents constipation and facilitates smooth and easy bowel movement. Additionally, oats make a great health food because they contain a host of nutrients like selenium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, thiamin and vitamin E.

A good digestive health means a healthy you and this is something you can ensure by including all these foods in your daily diet.

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