10 Ways How Mobile Phones Harm your Health

Mobile phones have become as essential as the air we breathe and it is hard to contemplate a life without them as they connect us to the world. However, we seldom realize the damage these small gadgets can inflict on our physical and mental health, once we start using them to the limits of addiction. There are a number of health hazards associated with overuse of mobile phones.

Here are 10 ways how mobile phones how mobile phones harm your health:

Mobile Phones Harm your Health

1. Elevate risk of cancer

According to WHO, the radio frequency fields emitted by mobile phones have an adverse influence on human health. Though there is not any direct link between RF and cancer, but it is regarded as a carcinogen, elevating the risk of brain tumors in particular, when used for a prolonged period of time.

2. Can cause sleep disorders

Another way in which mobile phones can adversely affect your health is that it can deprive you of sleep, particularly if you are addicted to late night chatting sessions on the internet. Also, a large number of users have been awakened in the middle of their sleep due to the beeps and vibrations of their phones. Experiencing sleepless nights is also common phenomena for people anticipating messages.

3. Increased risk of heart disease

The harmful radiations from mobile phones not only elevate the risk of cancer but also heart disease. These radiations lead to abnormalities in the functioning of the heart, with the red blood cells seeping the hemoglobin.

4. Infertility issues

Another disadvantage of prolonged use of mobile phones is that its harmful radiations can result in male infertility issues, as it has been researched to have led to decline in the sperm counts of male rats. Further studies conducted on male subjects led to the reinforcement of the fact that these radiations had the same impact on human beings too.

5. High risk of accidents

Use of mobile phones while driving has been one of the main reasons of accidents, while several people have also been confronted with dangerous situations while walking with their mobile phone on. In fact, it has been proved that the risk is increased manifold, three to four times for mobile phone users.

6. Hearing problems

The number of mobile phone users suffering from hearing problems has increased over a period of time because every second person is seen making use of earphones, which acts as the main reason of the hearing loss. Also, the mobile radiations have the potential to make you deaf. It has been proved from research that continual exposure to the electromagnetic field of mobile phones is another contributory factor of hearing problems.

7. Skin diseases

The metallic look of mobile phones undoubtedly makes them look attractive but makes it full of allergens such as nickel, cobalt and chromium. These allergens are harmful for the skin and can cause a myriad of skin diseases including dermatitis. This is another reason why you should try to cut short the time you spend on your mobile phones.

8. Eye problems

In addition to making calls, texting and web surfing are the most important functions for which mobiles are being used these days. The small size of the screen as well as its glaring backlight can cause a great deal of strain on the eyes, particularly when used in the dark. A host of eye problems can be manifested because of continuous use of mobiles, and these include redness, irritation and dry eye syndrome.

9. Mental Stress

Another health hazard related with mobile phones is that they can lead to a great deal of stress, with people becoming answerable round the clock, both for their personal and professional commitment. As earlier when landline phones were used, there is no off time from the phone, when it comes to availability of a person.

10. Infections

When you carry your mobile phone along to every imaginable place, you may bring along the germs such as the infectious ones from the restrooms. Studies have shown that these phones play host to millions of disease causing organisms and users can get infected with them on using the phones. Skin infections, diarrhea and flu like disease are commonly transmitted because of mobile phones.

So the next time you pick your mobile phone, be aware of its health hazards and try to minimize their use.

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