10 Beneficial Effects of Laughter on You

Laughter has earned the reputation of the best medicine and deserving so, because it opens the doors to good health in many ways. It not only helps us mingle socially, but also imparts good health in the physical, mental and emotional health. It makes us live a more fulfilled life and has a healing effect on the body and the mind.

Here are the 10 beneficial effects of laughter on you and your health:

benefits of laughing

1. Improved immunity and promoted longevity

Laugher improves immunity and makes you healthier and full of energy. It boosts the disease fighting capacity of a person by ending the stress. Conversely, stress and negative thinking releases such chemicals in the body, which leads to a number of physical and emotional issues. Research has shown that people who laugh and have an optimistic attitude more live longer.

2. Pain relief

If you laugh your heart out during the day, chances are that you are going to combat pain more effectively. Laughter releases the hormone called endorphin in the body, which has a feel good impact, similar to the pain killer drug morphine. Research has pointed out that laughing result in increase the level of pain tolerance by releasing endorphin and giving a calmer feeling for temporary pain relief.

3. Boosts the energy levels

Another health benefit of laughter is that it boosts the energy levels in the body and makes you refreshed completely. Again, the release of the feel good hormone endorphin is the reason for laughter being the energizer. It also boosts the intake of oxygen.

4. Natural treatment of depression

When you are feeling low or depressed, you can find instant relief by finding something to have a good laugh about. Laughing reduces the negative feelings of stress, anxiety and tension and promotes overall well being, physical, mental and emotional.

5. Promotes heart health

A healthy dose of laughter everyday means that you are making your heart not only happier, but healthier too. Laughing enhances the blood flow in the body and also lowers the blood pressure, which lowers the risk of heart attack as well as stroke. Also, laughing is like an exercise for the muscles of the heart and like all other parts of the body, the heart too becomes fitter and healthier with regular exercise.

6. Helps burn calories

One of the most surprising benefits of laughter is that it makes a great way to burn calories, which makes it a weight loss aid. Laughing is like a comprehensive workout for the body. It increases the heart rate and calories get burnt naturally. Amazingly, 15 minutes of laughter burns 10 to 40 calories, as proved in a study conducted by International Journal of Obesity.

7. Improves breathing

When you laugh out loud, your lungs expel more air out of the lungs than is taken in by them. This has an impact similar to deep breathing, which cleanses the lungs and makes them healthier. This is why laughter therapy is recommended for people having respiratory problems such as asthma.

8. Internal Workout

Laughing has another excellent health benefit that it acts as a workout for the internal body and does a great job at toning the entire internal setup of the body without you even coming to know about it. The diaphragm, abdominal muscles and shoulders, all come into play when you have a hearty laugh, which means good exercise for them. Laughing has been actually compared with swimming and rowing exercise.

9. Improves relationship status

Men and women can have their relationships work better if they enjoy each other’s company and laugh together. This means that you can enjoy a better bonding with a new partner if you both share a sense of humor and find reasons to spend many happy moments together.

10. Social acceptance

Last but not the least, laughter gets you social acceptance, which is a very important parameter for your emotional health and well being. Man is a social animal and he needs company to stay happy and healthy and laughter ensures that it is so.

All these benefits of laughter give us enough reasons to make sure that it is a good part of our lives and we make it a point to find happy and laugh worthy moments every day.

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