Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is one of the best exercises meant to give your body good health along with a tones shape and strong muscles. The best thing about swimming is that you do not need to sweat out a lot as in conventional workouts and vigorous exercise, neither you have to invest much in terms of expensive gym fees and equipment. Swimming is great as a comprehensive body exercise as it moves almost every muscle in the body and relaxes the mind too, which makes it an ideal exercise with myriad health benefits.

Here is the list of top 10 awesome health benefits of swimming:

Benefits of Swimming

10. An excellent relaxation technique

Swimming is not only an amazing exercise for the body but also an excellent one for the brain as it provides it relaxation and makes it stress free. A stress free mind is in turn, the key to good health and promotes sound sleep and mental respite from all kinds of anxieties.

9. Provides flexibility

Swimming moves almost each and every muscle of the body, with shoulder and elbow joints, arm, legs and knees too. This makes the entire body more flexible and imparts strength to the joints and muscles. Staying in water for long also provides relief from summer heat, in addition to minimizing the risk of muscular injuries which abound in more vigorous forms of exercise.

8. Lowers cholesterol

High cholesterol is the major contributory factor behind heart disease and we need to control its level in our body to keep our heart in good working condition. Swimming has been regarded as one of the best exercises for lowering the level of LDL or bad cholesterol in the body.

7. Aids weight loss

Swimming makes one of the easiest exercises for weight loss as you have not to sweat out for hours in the gym, but can lose weight while staying cool. Therefore, if you are suffering from obesity and looking to shed those extra pounds in a healthy way, then you can make it a part of your daily routine.

6. Lowers the risk of diabetes

Another health benefit of swimming is that it helps you lower the risk of diabetes. What makes vigorous exercising tough for diabetics is that they get tired very easily and insulin levels can take sudden dips during such exercises. Swimming in particular, makes a good way to control the blood sugar levels without tiring out the person.

5. Normalizes blood pressure

Since swimming is an ultimate exercise for moving the body and relaxing the mind, it ensures that patients of high blood pressure get the benefit of taking it lower down. It acts as a stress buster and reduces the pressure on the heart, thus making it a natural way to fight the killer disease called hypertension.

4. Builds core strength and tones up muscles

If you have been slogging for hours in the gym to build your strength and tone up your muscles, then you are taking the most difficult way out. You can opt for something much easier and more relaxing by taking on to swimming as your favorite exercise. As all your muscles are made to move, they not only get into shape but also become stronger. No doubt, you would soon step out of the pool looking fitter and better!

3. Makes your lungs healthier

Swimming techniques put your lungs at work and give them hefty exercise, thus making them stronger and healthier. People suffering from asthma can benefit from this exercise in particular as it works out the lungs without being cruel on them.

2. Comprehensive workout

The next one amongst the health benefits of swimming is that it happens to be a comprehensive exercise, for all the muscles and bones of the body as well as the heart and lungs. Not only this, this exercise also promotes mental health by doing away with stress.

1. Promotes longevity

Swimming ensures good health for all the organs of the body, the heart, lungs, brain, bones and muscles. It also promotes healthy blood circulation in the body, yet is one of the easiest amongst exercises. This is the way it promotes longevity. And practically speaking, if you know swimming you can save your own life as well as those of others by rescuing them in emergency situations.

Aren’t these reasons enough to switch over from your gym to the swimming pool?

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