10 Health Benefits of Garlic, The Super Herb

Garlic has earned the title of a super herb and most deserving so, because it has countless medicinal properties and health benefits. It contains a potent compound called allicin which gives it all its healing benefits. The best thing about this amazing herb is that it is easy to include in everyday cooking, consumed cooked or raw. Additionally, it is easily available and adds splendid flavor and aroma to dishes, though it is pungent smelling in its raw state. Adults who consume a clove or two twice a day are known to live healthier and longer, and this is the reason why it is recommended to keep this magical herb handy in your kitchen. Whether it is for taste or health, garlic is one of the most appreciated amongst herbs all around the world.

Here are the top 10 health benefits of garlic, the super herb:

Benefits of Garlic

1. Good for heart

Garlic is revered as a heart friendly herb because it boosts cardiovascular health by lowering the LDL cholesterol level as well as reducing the risk of plaque formation on the arterial walls. Both these factors are regarded as the key contributors for cardiovascular conditions such as stroke and heart attack. For this reason, heart patients are recommended to consume a clove of raw garlic with water first thing in the morning.

2. Boosts immunity

Another proven health benefit of garlic is its ability to boost immunity and protect from seasonal infections such as cough, cold and congestion. This makes it even more important to increase the intake of this herb during the winter month. Smelling raw garlic can help you get rid of nasal blockage too. A clove of garlic dipped in honey is regarded as a traditional remedy for cold and flu.

3. Diabetic friendly herb

Garlic is regarded as a diabetic friendly herb because it can regulate the insulin level in the blood, which in turn keeps the blood sugar levels in the desirable limits. Therefore, diabetes can be treated effectively by regular intake of garlic.

4. Lowers the risk of various types of cancers

Another amazing health benefit of this small but potent herb is that it lowers the risk of various types of cancers such as that of prostate, bladder, breast, stomach and colon. Garlic is high on Vitamin B6, which restricts tumor formation in the body and aids in cancer prevention.

5. Treating hyperthyroid

The high levels of iodine in garlic make it effective as a natural treatment for hyperthyroid. It improves the levels of hormones and gets rid of this condition in a natural manner.

6. Good for mental disposition

Garlic is not only useful for treating a number of physical ailments but is also good for the mental health as the vitamin B6 present in it improved the brain function by curbing mood swings. So it can make you happier in addition to making you healthier.

7. Useful during pregnancy

The potent herb is also good for unborn babies because studies have proven that women who take garlic during pregnancy are likely to have babies with higher birth weight.

8. Treats infections

Garlic can also be helpful for treating fungal and bacterial infections as it has antibiotic properties. Application of crushed garlic over wounds and bruises is effective home remedy for healing them fast and preventing infection in them. The sulfur rich compound allicin is responsible for this action. Even ingesting garlic cloves can reduce the risks of infection in the body.

9. Reduces high blood pressure

Another health benefit of garlic is that its regular intake can bring the blood pressure to normal, in a natural manner. Here too, allicin comes into play as it promotes healthy flow of blood in the blood vessels and reduces its pressure on them.

10. Improves digestive health

If you have been combating digestive issues such as colitis, intestinal worms, acidity and dysentery, adding garlic to your daily diet can prove to be a useful technique for combating them.

In addition to these health benefits, garlic is also useful for treating ear infections, toothaches and hair loss problems. However, one should consult a doctor before taking it in high doses as too much of it can be detrimental to your health. Have it in recommended doses if you want to derive complete benefits of this magical herb.

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