Top 10 Best Skin Care Brands In India

Skin is the largest and most visible organ of the human body and this is the reason why it deserves extra care. Therefore, people are willing to invest a good deal of time and money on taking care of their skin. The Indian market is flooded with a number of skin care brands, with some of them being much appreciated for their quality.

Here are 10 best skin care brands available in India:

best Skin Care

10. Avon

Avon is a brand which has made a considerable user base in a short span of time. It presents a huge range in cosmetics as well as skin care products for men and women. Great quality coupled with reasonable prices has been the winning combination for this brand.

9. Lakme

Lakme is one of the oldest and most well appreciated brands in the Indian market, which not only presents high quality cosmetics but also skin care products like face wash, moisturizer, creams and lotions. The brand focuses on quality but fits well in all kinds of budget too.

8. Nivea

The next name on the list of 10 best skin care brands available in India is that of Nivea, a brand which has been around for a long time and has a trusted reputation. Nivea cold creams and moisturizers are particularly in demand. The brand brings products for both, men as well as women and looks after the needs of diverse skin types.

7. The Body Shop

A famous brand from the UK, The Body Shop has some ardent fans in India too because it offers products which are natural and have not been tested on animals. The skin care and hair care products from this brand are hot sellers because they are chemical free.

6. Lotus Herbals

If you are keen on using natural, chemical free skin care products, then Lotus Herbals is the brand for you. All the products of this brand are herb based and have not been tested on animals. They are made to heal and repair the skin naturally, which makes them ideal for even the most sensitive skin types. Lotus also offers excellent quality hair care products. The best thing about this brand is its affordable pricing.

5. Neutrogena

Neutrogena is a brand which has established a name of trust amongst Indian women, as it presents extensive variety in face wash, cleansers, lotions and creams to give you glowing and problem free skin. The brand is acclaimed for its innovative self tanning range, which gives you a warm bronze glow, in addition to deep conditioning your skin.

4. Proactiv

Another trusted skin care brand which offers a wide range in skin care products is Proactiv. The products of this brand are meant to cater to those who have an oily skin type. Proactiv offers a great variety including cleansers, moisturizers, toners and facial masks, all meant to combat acne and pimples.

3. Estee Lauder Companies

Featuring next on the list of 10 best skin care brands in India is the US based cosmetic giant called Estee Lauder, which is famous for its skin care items, hair care items, cosmetics and perfumes. The brand owes its reputation to its age, as it has been around since 1947. The luxurious product line of the brand includes anti wrinkle creams, repair creams as well as a huge variety to suit the requirements of diverse skin types. It is a little expensive but the quality of products makes it worthwhile.

2. L’Oreal

L’Oreal is a leading international cosmetic and skin care brand that has made it big in the Indian market too. The variety in skin care and hair care products of this brand is immense and it is amongst the favorites of professionals too. It is the quality of the products of L’Oreal that has earned the brand such a huge fan following.

1. Olay

One of the most well loved skin care brands which have ruled the Indian market for decades now is Olay. A US based brand, Olay is renowned for its amazing array of skin care products. It has a stronghold over the anti aging product segment, thanks to its popular products like “The Regenerist”. Its high quality skin care range has excellent benefits such as toning, moisturizing and making the skin young and radiant.

Take your pick amongst these wonderful skin care brands and get the smooth and radiant skin of your dreams.

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