Top 10 Best Herbal Cough Syrups In India

Coughs and colds make the most common ailments which one is likely to encounter several times in a year. Though one may be tempted to rush to a doctor for treatment, it is better to look for herbal treatment for the same as these do not have any side effects as in case of strong, allopathic medicines. India is a country which has deeply rooted faith in Ayurvedic medicine and this is the reason why a number of manufacturers have come up with herbal cough formulations for lasting relief.

Here is a list of 10 best herbal cough syrups available in India:

10. Divya Pharmacy Swasari Pravahi

Divya Pharmacy Swasari Pravahi

Divya Pharmacy Swasari Pravahi is a leading brand of Ayurvedic cough syrup in India and it has been recognized all over the world for its active and natural benefits. It is a product of the trusted Patanjali Pharmacy that used natural herbs to treat diverse health issues. This cough syrup not only heals cough, cold and respiratory infections but also builds the immune system tom counter these problems.

9. Scortis Healthcare’s Q-FEX

Scortis Healthcare’s Q-FLEX

Scortis Healthcare’s Q-FEX is another popular and top selling herbal cough syrup, which fights both, productive as well as dry cough, with excellent and speedy healing effect. The herbal syrup has mucolytic and expectorant action, which makes it a complete treatment for chronic cases.

8. Charak Kofol

Charak Kofol Syrup

The next name on the list of 10 best herbal cough syrups available in India is that of Charak Kofol, a powerful combination of potent natural herb, from common cough and cold, this safe formulation is useful for treating a variety of conditions such as allergy, asthma and dry cough. It also helps in expulsion of mucus and reduces irritation in the throat.

7. Himani Sardi Jaa

Himani Sardi Ja

Himani Sardi Jaa has come to be known as one of the best herbal cough syrups to be sold in the Indian market. This is a unique formulation that contains chyawanprash along with anti cough herbs. This makes it effective not only for getting rid of cough and cold, but also for building immunity as well as increasing the concentration levels. At the same time, it does not cause drowsiness.

6. Zandu Zefs Cough Syrup

Zandu Zefs Cough Syrup

Next on this list is the natural cough syrup from the leading brand called Zandu, the Zandu Zefs Cough Syrup. This product has an expectorant action and is useful for simple cough and cold in addition to chronic conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, smoker’s cough and laryngitis, to name just a few.

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