Top 10 Trendy Nail Paints Shades in 2016

Nail paints have an undisputed spot in each lady vanity empire independent of her like or abhorrence for other cosmetics items. Since many years now, nail shines been related to an individual prepping item more than an insignificant restorative thing. Individuals of the fifteenth century and Chou administration utilized shading’s to enhance their nails.

Nail paints are not limited to trifling a shading for nails rather the business sector is brimming with shines that upgrades the magnificence of our hands as well as secure and fortify them too.

Today, the business sector is loaded with unique nail a paint shading which makes it truly enticing for us to seize the vast majority of them. To make things less demanding for all of you I have accumulated a rundown of 10 best nail shine hues accessible in the Indian market. The shade range changes from nudes to brilliant neon hues. Here is the list of top 10 popular nail paints:


Glitters are the kind of colors that one will use for a certain occasion. But nowadays, glitters are easily available in nude colors also which can be used at any time and for every occasion. With well-manicured hands, you can always opt for a nude glitter nail color if you don’t want to go colorful but want something trendy.


One can never go wrong with a pastel shade. The color looks very simple and elegant. It is usually preferred by office going women as it looks very neat and sober. There are various pastel shades available in the market and trust, they all look very sophisticated and classy and fits every occasion.


This colors comes in the shades of browns and are usually applied to give a feminine look. It is a simple color, which makes you look elegant and classy and was used by a lot of women.


The neon shades have set a trend in the country, and you can see every girl flaunting it now and then. Since, you can find the neon colors in a huge variety you can always mix match the color and apply them in a trendy way. The young girls, who love to experiment with the colors, usually prefer this color.


It is classy-chic-color, which became a girl’s favorite. This color is bold, very girly, and impersonates the taste of the person wearing it. Looks trendy and can be carried out well with anyone. It looks the best on fair people.


From matte oranges to glossy oranges, it is indeed one of the trendiest colors that we have seen women flaunting. It can be elegant and classy both at the same time. An orange can also be considered as a nude color as it goes well with every occasion and every outfit you wear.


One can never go wrong with the red color. It is benchmark color and women have worn it at almost every kind of occasion and everywhere. No matter the dress they wear, the color always fits well. Another must in have the wardrobe.


The color always looks good on those who can easily carry it. A blue with a little shimmer is the color to wear. It is trendier than Sauvé and looks classy when worn at night out party with your girl gang.


This color has set a trend in the country, and you can see every celebrity has flaunted it once in a while. The color is a must have in your wardrobe as it gives a class to you and your attire.



Neutrals tops the list, as it can never go out of style. Along these lines, for this winter go for neutrals that have ultra-unobtrusive clues of mauve for a nailing sway. The color is for all season and all occasion, and one can never go wrong with it no matter what.

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