Top 10 Best Facial Kits in India For Glowing Skin

This post is for every one of you who don’t have room schedule-wise to visit excellence parlors/salons for facials and might want to do the facial routine in the solace of your home and whenever the timing is ideal.

In the daily hustle bustle, where we do not get time to go parlor, the best way to take care of yourself is by spending some time at home. Natural glow is God gifted, but if you do not take care of it, then it will reduce with time and age. Hence, it becomes really important to maintain the glow and look after it.

In this post, we will mention few best facial kits that you can purchase from the market and maintain your glow, but along with that, it is also very very important to have a healthy diet and drinking lot of water and avoiding junk and unhealthy food products. Here goes the list of the top 10 facial kits available in India.


10. Party Glow Single Facial Kit By VLCC

The kit is easy to use and gives instant glow to your face. If you are going out for a party, then using this kit is the best way to give an instant radiance to your skin, which stays for a long time.

9. Natural Glow Skin Radiance Facial Kit By Lotus

It profound pore chemical and sheds a dead layer of skin. Helps, conditions, firms and nourishes the skin. Restores dry and skin and nourishes the skin. It also makes the skin delicate and supple.

8. De-Pigmenetation Facial Kit By VLCC

This treatment cases to help in lessening hyperpigmentation. This line of treatment contains spirulina, licorice, and fragrant mixes. It blurs freckles, reduces and even skins tone, and enhance brightness.

7. 24 Carat Gold Facial Kit By ShahnazHussain

The gold skin brilliance pack case is an unexpected advancement in accomplishing skin magnificence and brilliance. It purges, brightens and recovers the skin, giving it a dynamic and brilliant gleam.

6. Choco Facial Kit By Nature Essence

It is a mix of milk cream, cocoa powder, supporting nuts, choco clean, and concentrates of sanitizing herbs. It gives even, softer, and shining surface to the skin.

5.  Pearl Facial Kit By VLCC

Restores dull and drowsy skin fixes skin. The sachets are meant to utilize for one facial, yet one would have the potential to do two facials effortlessly. It gives a fine glow to the skin and makes it smooth and soft.

4. Anti Tan Facial Kit By VLCC

This exceptionally arranged VLCC Anti-Tan Facial Kit depends on age old Ayurvedic formulas that is created for proper processing by allocating most up-to-date logical engendering methods. The kit contains of a face scrub, de-tan gel, powder and massaging cream. It is very effective and removes the tan and gives a fine radiance to your skin.

3. Fruit Facial Kit By Jovees

This Kit for your skin should give numerous advantages. This pack comprises six items, and every item is composed with most advanced thought utilizing important herbs and avocado concentrates that have conventional properties to revive the skin and offer gleam to the skin.

2. Papaya Fruit Facial Kit By VLCC

Another great product by VLCC, which improves the skin tone and reduces blemishes and pigmentation. It contains a face scrub and cucumber gel, which gives the skin a cooling effect and also refreshes it. It is very useful and the glow remains for a minimum of two days.

1. Diamond Facial Kit By VLCC

This is very reasonable kit and is easily available in the market. It is affordable and has lot of advantages. It is best for dry skin. The kit once opened can be used two-three times. It improves the texture of the skin and makes it smooth and glowy.

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