Top 10 Best Face Creams for Winter in India

With the winters being at its peak, it is very important to take care of your skin as the cold wind tends to dry your skin. The most affected area of your body is the face, as the skin on your face is sensitive and the cold wind makes it dry and dull. It is very important to follow the regime and take care of your skin. Keeping it moisturised all the time is very important. Even if your skin is oily, it is important to keep it clean and moisturised properly as the winter can take a toll of your skin and can harm it. And nobody wants to look bad, whatever the situation be. There are various winter creams available in the market and you can choose any according to your skin type. Here we have mentioned the top 10 best face creams for you.

Creams for Winter

10. Cocoa Butter Cold Cream by Astaberry

It is an Ayurvedic face cream; hence it will suit all skin types. It is specially made to be used during the winters and have good properties that keep the face moisturised and it also gives a glow to your skin.

9. Aloe Vera Cold Cream by Aromamagic

Since ages, people has been using aloe vera on their skins and faces as it is the most effective natural product that has medicinal properties. This face cream safeguards your face from the harsh and dry winter air and also keeps it soft and moisturised at all times.

8. Clarins Gentle Day Cream

This cream is an international product, which is available in India as well. It is perfect for sensitive skin as it protects the skin from the sun and also keeps the skin soft and smooth all the time. It deeply moisturises it and prevents the skin from breaking or drying.

7. Nourishing Cold Cream by Avon Care

This is one of the products that every woman must use during winters as it has various advantages. It protects the skin from the sun, act as a toner, a moisturiser and also reduces the dark spots on your face.

6. Ponds Moisturising Cold Cream

Ponds has been the India’s most common brand and people have been using it since time immemorial. The cold cream by ponds works well for all skin types. It is a perfect moisturiser for the winters and it prevents the skin from flaking and breaking and also gives a natural glow to your skin.

5. Night Treatment Cream Patchouli and Jasmine by Forrest Essentials

The cream is made by natural product and has a very nice smell as it contains Patchouli and Jasmine. This cream prevents your skin from drying and it also keeps it moisturised for long hours. It is good for sensitive skins and skin that is prone to acne and is very oily.

4. Moisturising Cold Cream by Jolen

It is perfect for the winters, as it does not make your skin looks oily. It provides a natural gleam to your face, keeps it moisturised at all times and also prevents the skin from getting dull and dark.

3. Night Treatment Cream Sandalwood and Saffron By Forrest Essentials

This cream is especially made to be used at night so that it can work on your skin all night long and when you get up the next morning you can see a visible change on your face. It is chemical free and suits all skin types from normal to oily. It moisturises your face and keeps it soft and smooth throughout the day.

2. Vitamin E Cold Cream By Inatur Herbal

Vitamin E is extremely good for the skin as it nourishes the skin and open all the pores and gives it a natural glow. This cream is one of the best cold creams and can be used by anyone of any skin type.

1. Liquorice Cold Cream by VLCC

It is the best cold cream available in the market and it is suitable for all skin types. This cream is made with Aloe-Vera, vitamin E, jojoba oil, extracts from the petals and many more such things. It gives a natural glow to the skin and also reduces the dark spots and makes it look naturally fair.

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