Top 10 Best Ways to Increase Your Height Naturally

Nobody wants to hear a label, “you are short and stout”/”petite” and OMG “dwarf” NO WAY ARE YOU KIDDING! No, I am not! Else, everyone desires to be as loftier as possible. All and sundry wants to look prettier/handsome nowadays and being petite can attenuate your beauty. A short stature has numerous causes: It can occur due to non-pathologic factors like for instance, the most common one comprises of inheritance from your parents (aka familial/genetic), under nutrition, constitutional delay; or pathologic causes like hormonal deficiency, specifically growth hormone (aka dwarfism), hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone levels), early-onset diabetes mellitus etc.

Though the pathologic factors require medical management, non-pathologic causes are manageable via implementing certain lifestyle modifications.

This article emphasizes on the top 10 best ways to increase height naturally:

Increase Your Height

1. Hanging


Everybody during their childhood must have heard elders and grandparents babbling about “why do not you go out, work out, and do the height stuff?” They are around 99% correct. Hanging has shown to enhance and lengthen your spine (especially if done earlier during the developing milestones), causing a stretching effect on the arms and legs as well, and thereby accentuate your height. Try hanging two ropes on a horizontal stable rod positioned high enough. Then grab the ropes with both the hands, with your arms extended out overhead and stretch over as much as you can. Do at least four sets of hanging, 30 seconds for each set. Repeat the hanging exercise twice daily for effective results. Alternatively, you can go to a gym and do the same.

2. Skipping Rope

Skipping Rope

Skipping rope is not only a height lengthening exercise but serves as a cardio as well. It embarks the heart to pump more blood to all the body tissues; causes stretching of the bony musculature of the legs and hence helps you in growing taller. To kick-start, commence with at least 10 skips initially and then gradually take it to 50 skips a day. Repeating the rope jumping maneuver will surefire give you amazing results within a few months.

3. Aerobics


Aerobic exercises have proven to accelerate the vertical growth. These vary from simple walking to swimming, jogging, running, jumping, stretching, and high-intensity stamina building exercises. Incorporate one or several of these in your healthy fit schedule and you will soon start noticing a difference in height.

4. Yoga


Yoga, in contrast to aerobics consists of slow poses, which a person holds for a certain period of time and then releases. If done regularly, the stretching poses in yoga can amplify height.

5. Long Deep Shut-Eye

Long Deep Shut-Eye

Researches over researches have demonstrated that adequate sleep is one of the best ways to help you avoid remaining petite. Surprisingly, how is that possible? In a deep restful state of sleep, our pituitary gland (a pea-sized endocrine gland attached to the base of the brain that functions to secrete a variety of hormones) secretes a hormone called growth hormone, which forms the fundamental basis for a proper accurate growth. When you not getting sufficient sleep since childhood, the levels of growth hormone remain low and this could be one of the contributing factors for a short height in adulthood.

6. Eat Healthy

Eat Healthy

You are what you eat is an old phrase now, however always the convinced one. A well-balanced and healthy diet, instead of junks, will help you grow loftier soon.

7. Milk

Diary Products;

Milk is a major source of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D, and protein all of which are essential for growing bones and mass. Make a habit of drinking a glass of milk regularly.

8. Cassava/Sabudana


Sabudana is an old folk’s medicine remedy for height. Tapioca Sago or sabudana is a get-set-go food product, which can be instantly prepared and serves as a natural dessert to augment height. Steep some sago seeds in a bowl filled with water. Cover the bowl for about an hour or two (allowing them time to swell and pop up). Next, uncover the bowl and stir the dissolved seeds with your hands for a few minutes. Then, drain the leftover water; wash them thoroughly in order to get rid of all the starch. Then boil water and immerse the sago pearls in; when the concoction becomes thick, continue to cook it on low heat, add some milk and unprocessed raw sugar until milk boils. Cool it and enjoy the height-augmenting dessert. Take sago dessert in breakfast daily for effective results.

9. Chicken/Lean Meat

Chicken/Lean Meat

A person attempting to increase height should consume enough protein-containing foods like chicken/lean meat. Proteins are the building blocks of amino acids, which contribute to the bone mass, length, and vigor and therefore enhance height.

10. Fish


Do not forget to add fish as part of your regular dietary regime, if you are endeavoring to redouble your height. Fish is an abundant source of proteins and vitamins, vital for growth amplification and maintenance.

P.S. Many companies manufacture pills and supplements that claim to amplify height within months. To date, there are no such promises revealed by any, though on the contrary, they may harm you. So, abstain from them at all cost.

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