Top 10 Best Eye Primer Brands in India

Eye cosmetics holds a great deal of significance nowadays, to a degree that appropriate eye cosmetics itself changes the entire look, and afterward, eyes do rest of the talking. Whether you are an apprentice or a specialist in eye cosmetics, decent eye groundwork can be a response to the vast majority of your eye shadow issues. What’s more, even the best quality eye shadows require a decent base to pop and stay wrinkle free throughout the day. Eye preliminaries work simply like face base. They smooth out your eye base for an even and immaculate eye cosmetics look. They additionally anticipate smearing and wrinkling of the eye shadows. Here is a list of 10 best eye primers available in India.

Eye Primer

10. Inglot Eye Makeup Base

This product is affordable and is available across the country. It has a cream, which spreads evenly on the eyes and when you apply the makeup over it, it stays for t least twelve hours.

9. Faces Metaliglow Eye Primer

This primer gives a shiny look to the eyes and is suitable for parties and weddings. If you want your eyes to look shiny and glossy then this particular eye shadow is perfect for you. It stays for a minimum of five hours and it is good for oily skin as well.

8. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Milk

It gives a matte effect and is perfect for all day use. It is of the color of the milk and it prevents the skin from flaking or creasing and the eye shadows stays for a longer duration.

7. Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo

This eye primer comes in a lot of different shades, affordable and makes the eye looks beautiful. It is affordable and the product stays for a long duration and doesn’t allow cracking or creasing of the eye skin.

6. NYX Eyeshadow Base

This is quite different from the NYX HD eye shadow base, and it comes in three different shades: Pear, Skin tone and White. You can choose the one that suits your skin and in India the skin tone color is the one that is mostly sold because of the ski color and it suits all skin types. It is perfect for dry and normal skin tone as it as a creamy texture.

5. Revlon Photo Ready Eye Primer

This particular product can be used for multiple purposes as it works as a primer and also brightens the tone. It is suitable for all skin types and it stays for a long duration as compared to the other products.

4. MAC Painterly Paint Pot

It comes in a pot like box and it is a neutral color , giving a neutral finish to the eyes, which helps the eye shadows looks brighter and also prevents it from flaking and cracking. They last for an entire day and is one of the best eye primers available in the market.

3. Krylon Eye Shadow Base

This product gives a matte effect and also smoothen the eye lids and last for a long duration. It also prevents the eye shadow from fading and cracking.

2. NYX HD Eye Shadow Base

It is suitable for all skin types and it moisturizes the skin as it has a creamy liquid. It lasts for a minimum of 8 hours and prevents the eye shadow from fading.

1. Elf Mineral Eyeshadow Primer

This is one of the best available eye primers as it has a hundred percent mineral bas and is chemical free. Along with that is has Vitamins that prevents the skin from aging. It allows the eye makeup to last for long hours and prevents it from fading.

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