How to Get Rid of Ringworm Between Thighs

We have often heard the term ringworm and how it affects different areas of the skin including our arms, thighs, scalp, and other parts of the body. Getting rid of the same as quickly as possible is highly important as it could be contagious and very painful at the same time.

In this article, we try to understand more about ringworms and how to get rid of the same when it develops in between our thighs.

What Is a Ringworm?

In order to understand the solutions and the methods of how to get rid of ringworms, it is highly imperative to first understand the very meaning of ringworms.

Ringworm Between Thighs

Ringworms are nothing but a common type of skin infection which usually appear in the form of rounds or ring shapes on different parts of the skin. It develops like a red scar or rash and is mainly caused by fungal infections. Athletes foot is a common disease and is a type of ringworm in itself.

Solutions to get Rid of Ringworms:

– Ringworm in between the thighs can be treated by using a wide variety of medical creams which are today available in the market. The medicated creams have antifungal properties due to which it is highly effective in treating the ringworm. Some of these creams include miconazole, tinactin, terbinafine, etc.

– The olive plant is supposed to carry very high medicinal value due to the rich nutrition content. The leaves of the plant are known to have great antifungal properties. Ringworm, which is caused by fungus can thus be treated by using the olive plant. For best results and speedy recovery, the leaves of the olive plant should ideally be consumed thrice a day. Besides, the leaves also boost the immunity power of the system which will further enhance recovery and prevent ringworms.

Myrrh oil is also used extensively for the treatment of ringworms which appear between the thighs. Its antifungal properties make myrrh an extremely valuable plant. For best and effective results, the oil extract should be applied between the thighs where the ringworm has developed up to three times a day. Mixing the oil with goldenseal will also help. This solution goes a long way in killing the fungus which is responsible for the ringworm.

– It is a very well-known fact that garlic contains a lot of antifungal and antibacterial properties. This makes this food very effective in the treatment of ringworms.


Garlic, in combination with honey and olive oil, should be used for getting the most effective results.

– If you have developed a ringworm between the thighs and want to prevent the same from spreading in different parts of the skin, all you need to use is lemongrass. Make a tea out of this antifungal plant and consume it up to three times a day. Besides, lemongrass is known to be a great astringent too which further helps in keeping the ringworm under control.

– Finally, like most of the other skin disorders, the ringworm in between the thighs can be treated by using the tea tree oil as well. Use a mixture of the oil, water, and lavender oil for best results. It is recommended that a piece of cotton should be dipped in the oil and the same should be applied in the affected are for best results.

A Few Tips to Treat Ringworm Between the Thighs:

Apart from the above treatments, the following are a few tips which will help in case a ringworm has developed in between the thighs:

– Keep the area away from water or any type of wet or moisture. This is important because the fungus which is responsible for the ringworms are known to thrive on moisture. Any kind of moisture will be highly responsible forfurther spreading the ringworm. Hence, it becomes imperative to stay away from moisture at this stage.

– Go for the above-mentioned home-made treatments first. In case, you are not able to get relief even after a couple of weeks, chances are that you will need medical prescriptions and at that time it becomes imperative that you visit your

– While you are infected, experts highly recommend that the bed covers, bed sheets, and any other piece of cloth that is used during this period should be washed every single day. Ringworms can be highly contagious and as such, precautions of utmost care need to be taken.

– Sometimes you might have pets at home who might be suffering from the ringworms in different parts of the skin. In such circumstances, it is highly important to treat the ringworms as these are contagious and you can easily catch them from your pets too.

With the above points handy, do not let that stubborn ringworm bother you for too long and get rid of it at the earliest possible time!

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