10 Best Effective Home Remedies for Healing Piles

Piles, also known as hemorrhoids, are problem related to swelling and inflammation in the veins around the rectum and anus. It is a common problem, which is characterized by pin, irritation and bleeding in the rectal area. The chief factor contributing to the problem of piles is constipation, as it involves excessive straining and pressure on the rectal area. The condition is more prevalent in pregnant women and seniors. The first step towards curbing piles is to maintain regular toilet habits and prevent constipation, which can be done by intake of high fiber diet. Unhealthy lifestyle, obesity and lack of physical activity may also result in occurrence of piles. The problem, though seemingly complicated, can be tackled easily with some simple lifestyle modifications and natural home remedies.

Listed below are some simple home remedies for piles:

1. Figs

A delicious way to curb the problem of piles at home is figs. Soak overnight, 3-4 dried figs in a cup of water and have them the next morning, along with the water. Again soak them in the day and consume the figs and water at bedtime. This simple remedy is effective for relieving piles, if done regularly for a month.

2. Radish Juice

Another effective home remedy for piles is radish juice. Have about ΒΌ cup of this juice twice a day in the beginning, slowly increasing the quantity to half a cup. Mixing in half the quantity of beetroot and turnip juice will enhance the effect of the drink as well as increase its nutritive value.

3. Banana

Banana is also an easy remedial measure for piles, due to its natural laxative property. Mash a ripe banana and boil it in a cupful of milk. Have this drink thrice a day to get relief from piles.

4. Turmeric


Turmeric, the magical antiseptic spice, is a useful way to alleviate the problem of piles. Consume a teaspoon of turmeric powder with a glass of water to reduce pain and inflammation caused due to piles. Local application of a mixture of turmeric powder with aloe vera gel and mustard oil is also helpful.

5. Coconut Oil

A simple home remedy for piles is available in the form of coconut oil. Applying coconut on the affected area can help you instantly to get rid of itching and soreness. Alternatively, you can use sesame seed oil for this purpose. Follow it by sitting in a tub of warm water for better effect.

6. Amla/Indian Gooseberry


A natural herb which is widely acclaimed for its manifold health benefits is amla or Indian Gooseberry. You can drink a glass full of fresh amla juice the first thing every morning to alleviate chronic piles. Make sure that you consume it on empty stomach.

7. Raw Onions

Have plenty of raw onions as salad to reduce pain, soreness and bleeding caused due to piles.

8. Mustard Powder

Another useful home remedy for piles is mustard powder. You can have a teaspoon of it daily, mixed with fresh curd for instant relief. Another way to use it in the form of external ointment, mixing half a teaspoon with a table spoon of honey applying this ointment on the affected area at bedtime is helpful.

9. Cumin Seeds

Dry roast some cumin seeds and a powder them. Have a teaspoon of this powder daily with a glass of cold water. This is an effective home remedy for piles.

10. Mango Seeds

An unusual home remedy for piles is dried mango seeds. Grind these seeds into a powder form. Consume two teaspoons of the powder along with a tablespoon of honey twice a day, in order to relieve the problem.

Besides these simple home remedies, the best way to keep piles away is by preventing constipation, for which intake of lots of water is the best method. Water is the natural detoxifier, which clears out toxic materials from the body and keeps it healthy. Natural laxatives like psyllium husk are also useful, as these are non habit forming. Use natural pain management measures, such as hot compress and cold ice packs for pain relief. Keep stress away with meditation and also take regular physical exercise. Also, do not sit on toilet for long hours to prevent strain on the rectal area.

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