The website values the privacy of its readers, for which we make sure to let the readers be aware of the online information practices used by us, so that readers may make informed choices regarding the use of this information. Our privacy policy may be accessed from our home page at any point of time.

Use of DART Cookie

Ads are displayed on the website by Google, which makes use of DART cookies for this purpose. This helps it to serve these ads to the site viewers on the basis of the sites visited by them on the internet, including Besides Google, there are other third party servers, who may also employ DART cookies in order to track the activities of the site viewers on the internet and make a survey about the efficiency of the advertisements. Therefore, we inform our viewers that we have nothing to do with these cookies being used by the third party advertisers. We have included the links of these sites for your reference, but we recommend that you should go through their privacy policy on your own.

Personal Information of the Site Viewers

When the user views our site, the IP address and the date and time are automatically logged in. The information is used simply for assessing market trends, tracking viewer movements and managing the site, and the IP addresses are not linked with any personal information.